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Knowledge representation is at the foundation of Semantic Web applications, using rule and ontology languages as the main kinds of formal languages. PSOA RuleML<http://ruleml.org/#PSOA> is a recently developed rule language which combines the ideas of relational (predicate-based) and object-oriented (frame-based) modeling. In order to support reasoning in PSOA RuleML, we are implementing a translator to map PSOA RuleML knowledge bases and queries to the TPTP<http://www.cs.miami.edu/~tptp/> format, as widely used for theorem provers. With this translator, reasoning in PSOA RuleML will be available using the VampirePrime<http://www.vprover.org/index.cgi> prover. In our implementation, we use the Antlr3.0 parser generator tool to create a parser for PSOA RuleML and a tree parser to produce TPTP strings for a subset of the PSOA language. We have completed the Antlr lexer rules and grammar rules based on work by Alexandre. After parsing, an Antlr Abstract Syntax Tree (AST) is generated by the tree rewriting rules in the grammar file. Then, in the tree parser, the generated AST is parsed, based on the tree grammar rules, and TPTP strings are created. Finally, we run the TPTP-translated PSOA RuleML sample documents in VampirePrime to get the query results.



Online Demo is offline.


Project no longer being maintained on GitHub and has been moved to Google Code.

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